Depression Not Sadness


Depression Not Sadness – The differences between clinical depression and sadness.


Patients, professionals say treatment is key to living with depression
Clinical depression goes well beyond temporarily feeling sad or blue. It affects ones thoughts, feelings and behavior. Seeking help and getting an accurate diagnosis is important. "You can live a normal functioning life. Yes, some days are better than … Read more on WATE-TV

Braves rookie: 'All I could think about was killing myself' – USA Today
Gattis was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety six years ago and, through medication, therapy and time, eventually discovered what he wanted out of life. "I remember him telling his life story to three of us in the weight room in spring … Read more on USA TODAY

Findings underscore value of support in late-life depression
The findings underscore the value of the supportive aspects of care and the importance of good clinical management in late-life depression, regardless of whether medication is used as part of treatment, Dr. Alice X. Huang said at the annual meeting of … Read more on Clinical Psychiatry News Digital Network

Antipsychotic meds don't help depression
For instance, cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to be effective for treatment-resistant depression, he said. Cognitive behavioural therapy is a treatment that helps patients try to change their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. For one … Read more on