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Depression Medicine Jacksonville FL – Click or Call 904-562-5515 for more information. About Depression – Depressive disorders come in different forms. Depression can be a less severe type called dysthymia or another type such as bipolar disorder. Bipolar Disorders involve cycles of depression and euphoria. Mood changes are dramatic and quick. Bipolar disorder can be a recurring condition. Depression is exhibited by any combination of symptoms. Everyone who is depressed can experience different symptoms. Some symptoms of Depression are the following: Persistent sad, anxious, or empty frame of mind; Feelings of hopelessness, gloom, negativity; Feelings of blame, unimportance, helplessness; Loss of interest with hobbies and activities that were enjoyed; Insomnia or oversleeping; Overeating, weight gain and/or weight loss; Fatigue, lack of energy; Thoughts of death or suicide, suicide attempts; Agitation, irritability, impatience; and Difficulty with concentrating, remembering things, indecisiveness in making decisions. Some people experience a few symptoms, some many. Also, seriousness of symptoms varies with individuals. CNS Healthcare Florida conducts clinical trials for new and innovative medications. Clinical “Trials” or “Studies” are a process this is required for new Medications to have FDA Approval. Working with the Pharmaceutical Companies while under the care of highly experienced physicians and research professionals, clinical “research studies” or “trials” determine if the new treatment is


MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY: Listen up: ringing the changes for those annoying

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The researchers, from the Loyola University Medical Centre, are investigating the therapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), that sends short pulses of magnetic fields to the brain. TMS has been approved since 2009 for patients with major …
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More data supports 'Special K' drug as treatment for depression

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Researchers from Yale and the National Institute of Mental Health have studied 30 patients with depression and tracked their brainwave activity after receiving ketamine infusions. The medication actually caused a burst of new connections to form in …
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