Depression Medication?

Question by : depression medication?
i am severely depressed and my mom wants me to t ake medication. but i am not sure what they do for you. do they make you all loopy or anything like that? what are some side-effects? please help me (im a 13 yr old girl)

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Answer by kytteneyes
They all have different side effects. Everyone has different experiences too. Some might make you tired, others may make you loopy, and others maybe just normal. I don’t know what else I can say besides if you need them then you need to make sure and take them. Especially if you are depressed the longer you wait to treat this the longer you may be on them. Not a doc/psych but have been on them.

Answer by Lifesgreat84
ur sooo young. I recommend zoloft, you can take 50-100mg. It takes a while to kick in, but they have helped me sooo Much! You should look into it. The only side effect I have is my hands get shaky at times.

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