Depression Is the Most Common Psychological Disorder


Depression is the most common Psychological Disorder – Clinical Depression is a syndrome of different types of symptoms mainly Feelings of worthlessness. Negative thoughts about the self, anxiety and thoughts that people are generally untrustworthy and rejecting. Low self-esteem and depression lead to agressive behaviour, anger, social withdrawl, difficulty with interpersonal relationships and academic decline in Teenagers. Part of treatment for Depression is learning to overcome low self esteem thoughts (using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). Dr. Rajan George, Holistic Psychotherapy Centre, Pandalam, Kerala.


Long: Mental health needs to be part of the discussion on senior health

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Inadequate treatment of mental illnesses is thought to contribute to a high suicide rate in this age group. The suicide rate for people 65 and over, based on information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was reported at 16 …
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Target faulty brain circuits to treat mental illness – health – 12 December

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In the long run, the best hope for psychiatric diagnosis may come from the US National Institute of Mental Health, whose Research Domain Criteria project started up this year. Rather than giving people labels such as schizophrenic or depressed, the …
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