Depression in Teens? (20 Characters)?

Question by xxxHALIxxx: depression in teens? (20 characters)?
so, i’m a teenager. i’ve been under alot of stress lately and have started to get really depressed, i’ve had suicidal thoughts even though i wouldn’t ever actually kill myself, and i have started cutting myself but not deep and not over any veins…so theres no blood. i’ve been crying nearly every night, and i have been having really, really bad mood swings. and i have no self esteem at all. i just don’t know, what is this? i can’t go to a counselor because my parent’s don’t have much money, and i’m homeschooled. and i don’t have a good relationship with them, so they can’t know any of this. is there any “hotlines” or something i can call? also the guy i’m absolutely in love with turns eighteen tomorrow, and we haven’t been getting along lately, and i told him i only want to be friends. i have the option to completely remove him from my life, i think i might should…but i don’t even want to, i’m so confised right now and stressed, depressed, is this bi-polar disorder? depression? everyone says its just normal, but i’ve never felt this kind of pain. please help me.
my mom and dad are retired. they both have medical problems, they get retirement pay but that barely pays the bills and we’re bad in debt. almost lost the house awhile back, i have friends by the way, lots of really good ones, i’m not some loner.

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Answer by Wiccan
Sounds like depression. I was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at the age of 14. Getting help was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

As for the dude, kick him out of your life.

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