Depression in Multiple Sclerosis: A Review of Assessment and Treatment Approaches in Adult and Pediatric Populations.

Depression in multiple sclerosis: a review of assessment and treatment approaches in adult and pediatric populations.

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ISRN Neurol. 2012; 2012: 427102
Skokou M, Soubasi E, Gourzis P

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic demyelinating disease affecting one million people worldwide, with a significant burden of psychiatric comorbidity. Depression is the commonest psychiatric manifestation but still remains largely underdiagnosed and undertreated. The present work reviews current knowledge on diagnosis, assessment, and somatic and psychotherapeutic treatment interventions for depression in adult and pediatric populations of patients with multiple sclerosis.
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Psychotic depression.

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BMJ. 2012; 345: e6994
Lawrence R, Lawrie SM

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Adults with depression report widespread discrimination.

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BMJ. 2012; 345: e7108

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