Depression in Men

Depression in Men
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Street-Mending 'Robin Hood' Steals from City, Gives to Potholes
When the country was looking to get out of the depression, FDR was wise enough to hire men to do things like building the Hoover damn and then Eisenhower built the interstate system in the 1950s. With so much infrastructure needing repair, do you not … Read more on TIME

The tragic life of the man who invented nylon
He invented it, from the point of view of the world, just in time. It was 1935 when Carothers perfected the process. In 1937, he learned that his sister had died suddenly. The loss cast him into a depression that spiraled lower, and in 1937, he … Read more on io9

What Would James Agee Say About the George Zimmerman Trial?
During the George Zimmerman trial, I happened to be reading James Agee's Depression classic, Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. The book describes the lives of three families of tenant farmers in Alabama, all of them white; poverty, not racism, is Agee's … Read more on The New Republic