DEPRESSION: How to Achieve Depression Relief!


DEPRESSION: How to Achieve Depression Relief! – Even though Depression is a pervasive illness suffered by millions of men and women, there IS Good News: Successful Depress…


Wellness and chronic pain
This downward spiral can lead to depression and even disability. Because chronic pain is a complex … In my office, I always start with very simple and gentle treatments to start getting the patient some relief — and some hope. Gentle manipulation … Read more on Bangor Daily News

AstraZeneca to Cut 2300 Jobs, Narrow Focus of Research
The company, the U.K.'s second-biggest drugmaker, is trying to recover from setbacks in developing treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and depression. The stock rose 3.1 percent, the biggest gain since Nov. 30, 2011. “We've become so accustomed … Read more on Bloomberg

Happy Vernal Equinox!
For others, today may mark a welcome relief from seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression that usually affects people in the late fall and winter months, when day length is shorter and temperatures are colder. People with SAD often experience … Read more on The News Journal (blog)