Depression Hotline Commercial


Depression Hotline Commercial – FINALLY found the “commercial” for the project we did for English class… what, last year? Took me long enough. Awesome video, if I do say so myself…. eve…


Police Advice On Suicides
According to research, more than four times as many men as women die by suicide; but women attempt suicide more often during their lives than do men, and women report higher rates of depression. … to contact the police at '919' or Crime Stoppers at … Read more on Bahamas Tribune

Sperling: Republicans proposed the sequester, as we know it
Now maybe Sperling is hoping that John Kerry's affirmation of Americans right to be stupid will bail him out but many of us still believe your word is your bond and we are tired of this one trick pony jumping us from one cliff and crisis to another. Mr … Read more on Washington Post (blog)