Depression Hot Lines?!??!?

Question by Afraid7738863: depression hot lines?!??!?
hey guyss
I was just wondering what the “depression hotlines” weree
like just a few of them, im 15, if that matters??
I was diagnosed last year, and saw a psychologist and everything, and i feel so strong and happy now
and i guess, i want to ask them, if theres any place i can, like a centre, where they have groups of people who are going through similar situations as other people
because i’d really love to tell my story
i asked a question on here, about if there are any depression centres they know of
but i didnt get much feed back, so yeah, what r the depressionn hotlines???
and um, i live in australia, NSW. Around tweeed
so yeah, maybe dont give me like an american hotlinee
thankss so muchh 🙂 xxx

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Answer by Jerry
Enter: “chat sites + forums; teen depression; australia” in the searchbar at

At there are links to several depression websites, and many other subjects as well. Scroll down to the section on depression. Also view and and and The Australian national website for depression is and another good Aussie website is having a section with help for family, friends, and colleagues.

PHONE: National Institute of Mental Health Information Line: (U.S.A.)1-800-421-4211 or National Foundation of Depressive Illness: (U.S.A.) 1-800-248-4344. If you are terribly sad, but do not think you are in immediate danger of acting on the desire to hurt yourself you can try self-help. offers a free, online course “written by health professionals who have suffered depression themselves.” There are links to open up pdf files for each session on that page.

Australian telephone counselling:
beyondblue: 1300 22 46 36, Lifeline: 13 11 14, Salvo Care Line: 1300 36 36 22, Access Line toll free: 1800 677 114, kids help toll free: 1800 551 800.

CHATROOMS/FORUMS: and and and Online help for those with thoughts of suicide is at: Phone: (U.S.A.) 303 429 3530. At you are permitted one free email to their resident experts on joining (free), more if paying.

The Samaritans organisation provides more generalised advice ( is operating in many countries, with multiple branches) email: has information about depression (and suicide) also has resources, including a free telephone line to speak with a trained individual.

See and page B, where most of the above came from, about depression.

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