Depression? “Home Remedy ” Type Thing??

Question by ferretlovesscarhead: depression? “home remedy ” type thing??
i think i am depressed, throw in a bit of mood-eating, and you’ve got me. so on the outside im all cheery right? so none of my friends or family members suspect anything, but i do feel like theres just not much point right? ugh…then the eating part…ice cream and reruns anyone? ok………is 133 lbs and about 5’3″ fat? (im a girl…)
i WILL NOT go to a shrink! (aka therapist or w/e) but im just wondering if theres like a “home remedy” thing out there for…honey and warm tea for a sore throat and none of those cough drops …u get it right? ok anyways… give me an answer please!! luv u guys

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Answer by meacai10
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it works everytime

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