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Rising stress boosts clergy depression
In seeking help for severe depression, Shoemaker, 64, is an example of a trend that's seeing more ministers confronting mental illness and letting their congregations know about it. He had taken a month off for treatment before returning to the church … Read more on Associated Baptist Press

'Hope Therapy' Helps Fight Depression
A leading scholar, researcher, and author shares how hope can counteract depression and help people look toward the future with greater happiness. By Shane J. Lopez, PhD. “John is in the lobby,” said the referring psychiatrist. “He just got some bad … Read more on Everyday Health

9 Ways Pets Can Help Beat Depression
During the course of a year, one in four people suffer some kind of depression. That's a pretty alarming statistic. Whether it's brought on by a relationship breakdown, change in life circumstances, birth of a child or bereavement, it's an inescapable … Read more on Hive Health Media (blog)