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Family doctors do not hand out antidepressants 'like sweets'
The seemingly never-ending controversy of the value, or otherwise, of medication for those unfortunate enough to be afflicted by “the blues” has surfaced again, with the revelation that the number of prescriptions for antidepressants has almost doubled … Read more on

The Moment I Knew
I wanted a cure as easy as denoted by the saying, "happiness is a choice." I wanted to be like the girls whose … Although I could never attribute the root of my depression to high school, the workload and people certainly did not help. So when the … Read more on Huffington Post (blog)

Union bosses threaten Hurricane Sandy cleanup contractors, their families
Unionized local employees repeatedly harassed and intimidated non-union workers of a private disaster cleanup firm that won a government contract to restore Long Island, New York, in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The vice president of the union even … Read more on Daily Caller