Depression Counseling


Depression Counseling – Depression is a real psychological illness and is treatable through a variety of therapies. If you are struggling with Depression, talk to a counselor today!


Medicaid Expansion Will Also Expand Access to Mental Health Services
State charity hospitals, state psychiatric hospitals, counselors within schools, emergency screening, long-term care and crisis centers and community mental health centers — all of these are being cut. The study that I mentioned also shows that … Read more on PBS NewsHour (blog)

Pre-marital counseling can boost odds for a better marriage
Pre-marriage therapy beneficial for couples: Pre-marriage therapy is a good way to discuss differences with your partner that you might not otherwise have at home. By Rik Jesse and Tim Walters Posted Feb. 13, 2013 … Read more on Florida Today

A look back at a week of truly rising above the wage
One morning, she recounted her depths of depression as she waits for work. She told us how she leans on faith. … For example, we found a wealth of job search and counseling agencies in North Florida and Southeast Georgia. We also found real free or … Read more on First Coast News