Depression, Anxiety, Self Harm- You Are Not Alone


Depression, Anxiety, Self Harm- You Are Not Alone – I made this video in hopes that some young person who is struggling will stumble upon it and have a little hope for their future. I apologize for all the looking off camera moments, I obviously had to make a few notes so I wouldn’t forget what I was going to say. 🙂 My tumblr- My email- Please feel free to contact me if you would like to talk! I’m here for you.


Store helps out with counselling

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A donantion to help fund the work of six volunteer counsellors – dealing with people facing depression, anxiety or bereavement in Trowbridge – has been handed over by the Co-operative supermarket. Help Counselling was presented with a cheque for …
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Recognizing postpartum depression in primary-care

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Psychosocial factors that have been found to place mothers at increased risk for PPD include depression and anxiety during pregnancy, postpartum blues, history of major depressive disorder, high stress level and lack of spousal and family support.2 …
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Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks

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I have had problems with depression and anxiety in the past, I was on Prozac in 2006 and Celexa in 2007 but neither worked for me. I'm scared to go to my Dr. and talk with them about how I have been feeling. Its getting bad. If toys aren't picked up in …
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