Depression & Anxiety ~ Discussion & Advice ~ Overview ~ Part 01


Depression & Anxiety ~ Discussion & Advice ~ Overview ~ Part 01 – ————————————————— If you’d like to chat with me in more detail, and indeed amongst yourselves about any of the subject matter in this video, the forum is this way: and go to “Cerebral Wellbeing”. There’s also a general discussion forum there for anybody wanting to chat. ————————————————— The advice, opinions and information contained in this video are not from a medical opinion directly, but are all to the best recollection of my own experiences and knowledge, which bear relevance to my own particular situation. Therefore, as a necessary disclaimer, I don’t advise the use of any of the techniques described here without first talking to your GP, but if you do so, then you proceed at your own risk. ————————————————- All commentary, music, graphics, production and administration by aTroubledArtist © MMXII ————————————————- PLAYLISTS : WEBSITE (Discussion Forum & Downloads) : FACEBOOK TWITTER :


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