Depression and Men


Depression and Men – When it comes to men and depression you will find that there are over three million men in the United States that suffer from depression, however you should know that only 35% of all men find themselves in a depression. When it comes to the view of the male image, you’ll find that many call them “the rock” or the “solid one”, however men can suffer from depression. Just because you have, a depression doesn’t mean that you are any less of a man because of it. Researchers estimate that at least six million men in the United States suffer from a depressive disorder every year. Research and clinical evidence reveal that while both women and men can develop the standard symptoms of depression, they often experience depression differently and may have different ways of coping with the symptoms. Men may be more willing to acknowledge fatigue, irritability, loss of interest in work or hobbies, and sleep disturbances rather than feelings of sadness, worthlessness, and excessive guilt. Some researchers question whether the standard definition of depression and the diagnostic tests based upon it adequately capture the condition as it occurs in men. Men are more likely than women to report alcohol and drug abuse or dependence in their lifetime;however, there is debate among researchers as to whether substance use is a symptom of underlying depression in men or a co occurring condition that more commonly develops in men. Nevertheless, substance use can mask


Poor Pitiful Dudes: Why You Should Defer to Men with Post-Patriarchal Depression

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Poor Pitiful Dudes: Why You Should Defer to Men with Post-Patriarchal Depression Still grieving over Sandy Hook? While your tear ducts are still flowing, how about shedding a few empathetic drops for a much broader group of victims: depressed and …
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