Question by ——: depression?
i dont know if depression actually exists in the brain because yes there is a chemical embalance but this is because of circumstances in your life that makes it this and because of teh personality you have as well e.g. being tecthy.

im studying to go to uni, but at school there is this boy in my class whos going to a better one than me and who is richer than me, has a car hes a 18, teachers compliment him an how inteligent he is and say hell be eraning a rediculius amount of money in 4 years time

this happens on a daily basis and now i dont appreciate my life at all, im really really depressed, i get no compliments and im going to go to a averaage uni, im basically poor, i despise my life now i just dont want to live. i cannot state how depressed i am, nothing entices me, i have no freinds no life and even though people say im doin well it doesnt even touch me

is this because i AM ACTUALLY ILL,or because im a very uptight and competitive person.

what can i do…nothing

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Answer by KiMbErLeE
Depression is real. I thought it was a hoax until a year after I had my son and I got severe anxiety depression, I could feel it running through my body, and it’d cause my muscles to aches and I felt the need to run a marathon, but un motivated to do it and I just wanted to check out of life and that was just not me at all. Most of the time stress causes the nerves in the back of your neck to unconnect and it causes your hormones and chemicals to go out of wack. Medicine helps you calm down and be able to reconnect those nerves. If you want my suggestion, I’ve tried a few meds and I’d try Zoloft. Paxil, Celexa are crap! Don’t go on them they do a reverse affect if you ever want to go off them. I took Zoloft for about a year and was able to get off it just fine and I’m good now, but we all need help once in a while. Go talk to your doctor cause depression will make you sick. You muscles will hurt, your head wil heart, it can cause strain on your heart from the speeding up heart rate. Depression doesn’t make you crazy, but it does make it hard to get back into life when you go around feeling horrible and out of it all the time. You may want to look into a free clinic of some sort or talk with the welfare department and see about Medicade. You can go to the doctor while your medicade pending and most of the time if you tell the doctor your struggling financially he’ll give you enough samples to last till next payday. Most perscriptions now through Walmart and Target are generic and most only cost $ 4. More than likely if your anything like me, you have bad anxiety brought on by lots of stress and money problems. I know this all to well. Hang in there and let me know if I can help at all even if helping you find resources to get you to the doctor. Here’s my email [email protected]

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