Depression.. – A counseling session.. kinda about depression..


Students speak out about TCU female body image
About 5 percent of the people seeking treatment at counseling centers have eating disorders, said Eric Wood, the assistant director of the Counseling, Testing, and Mental Health Center at TCU. At TCU that number represents about 8 percent of students … Read more on TCU 360

'Uncovering the cover up'
Chestnut claimed the death did not indicate suicide because Cook did not leave a note, talk about wanting to commit suicide, have a self-inflicted wound or have a pre-death depression or withdrawal from activities. Of the 1,141 Ohio males who died by … Read more on Flyer News

Boston College Students Explore The Power Of Confession
Once we saw that people were really dealing with depression, we posted counseling services on the page's description and occasionally, when we can, we comment on posts with phone numbers for specific counseling services.” The founders recently met … Read more on The Heights (subscription)