Question by Penny: depressed?
what happens in legal terms if someone is pronounced by a doctor to be depressed? Does it go on your permanent record, effect you when applying for a job, what happens? And what are the pros and cons of even going to the doctor? Then if you are what do they do for “treatment”?

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Answer by Alex13
About 10% of the world pupulation getting depressed during some period of there life with a different degree of depression. It is not illness forever , it could be treated by a Psychiatrist using antidepressants, but it might became dangerous and causing suicide if neglected.

Answer by ME
Doctor’s records are confidential. You shouldn’t tell everyone you know or anyone at work. People don’t understand depression.

The only thing I know of that it affects is Life Insurance. I have depression and I can’t get life insurance because I guess the insurance company thinks I’ll kill myself.

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