Demons Drugs Depression Suicide Anti Depressants My Testimony

demons drugs depression suicide anti depressants My Testimony
This video is about my testimony on drugs, anxiety, depression, demons, voices, anti depressants and more. Prayer at the end (13:00-15:00), JESUS wants to de…



Harry O'Brien sexual abuse, depression and suicide issues
"I'm going through a history … of things for a long time, including a long and very complicated history of sexual abuse, suicide, depression, seeing someone get murdered, knowing that who murdered that person and not being able to say anything … Read more on The Age

The Way I See It : By Darren Murphy
And just because it's not physically visible, it doesn't mean that it can't be seriously debilitating. In Britain, the most common cause of death among men aged under 35 is suicide. Conditions such as depression aren't just illnesses, they are … Read more on Hawick News

Coffee and Suicide: Drinking Coffee Linked to Lowered Suicide Rates In Up to
Suicide was the cause of death for 277 people over the course of the study, though researchers made a surprising discovery: the risk of suicide for adults who drank between 2-4 cups of coffee each day was 50 percent lower than adults who drank decaf … Read more on Headlines & Global News