Demolition Begins at Oakdale Hall


Demolition begins at Oakdale Hall – Oakdale Hall Razing 2351 OLD HOSPITAL ROAD CORALVILLE, IA Friday, March 11, 2011 Demolition began at approximately 8:00 am History – 220000 square-foot building – Built in 1917, original use as a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients (94-year history) – Number of people treated at Oakdale Hall when it was a sanatorium peaked at 814 in 1926; last patient left in 1981 – UI took control of the facility in 1965 and was then used for research programs and alcoholic rehabilitation – State Hygienic Laboratory moved into Oakdale Hall in 1971 – State Board of Regents made the decision in March 2010 to raze Oakdale Hall – State Hygienic Laboratory relocated to the new facility at 2490 Crosspark Road in fall 2010, new building cost .7M, 113500 square feet, construction began in 01/08 Savings – Demolition of Oakdale Hall will eliminate about million in one-time deferred maintenance costs along with 0000 annually in operating expenses – Total cost of demolition is approximately .95M as approved by state Board of Regents in spring 2010 Sustainable Practices – Metal, copper, concrete and part of the roofing will be recycled – Trees on the site will be saved wherever possible, other areas will be replanted – Empty lot will be seeded with grass and left available as green space – Asbestos abatement and lead removal were previously completed to safely allow for building demolition Contacts – Dan Heater, Director, Building & Landscape Services, Facilities Management, 319-335-5038


Allegheny County Councilman Cited For Allegedly Driving Under The Influence

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“A new way of life, a better way of life, alcohol free,” said Macey. Macey also wants to apologize to his … Macey added that he is committed to sobriety, saying that he starts a rehabilitation program on Wednesday. RELATED LINKS: More Local News …
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Fort Mill memorial 5K, fun run to focus on addiction

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He started at age 13, with alcohol and marijuana. Then he moved to harder drugs. At 15, his family sent him to a rehabilitation center in Utah for six months. He recovered. Then he relapsed. Then recovered. Then relapsed. Again and again, often …
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Addicts in rehabilitation embrace the New Year

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Substance abusers can spend months in rehabilitation trying to sort out their lives, gambling, alcohol and drug free. But a few months of treatment are nothing compared the years of torment former addicts like Chris M have faced. He says started using …
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