Delirium, Depression and Dementia (Low Resolution Assessment Copy)


Delirium, Depression and Dementia (low resolution assessment copy) – Delirium and dementia are two of the most common mental disorders elderly people face. Depression is also common in elderly people and often presents with sy…


Letting Go of Fear: How Risking My Life on a River Helped Me to Live Again
I was traveling between the two easier routes through the falls, and directly toward the drop-off that finishes in a depression that acts as a whirlpool. I veered right and reached …. The elderly patients around us gasp with each breath. I try to … Read more on Huffington Post

Chiropractic care for senior citizens
Chiropractic care- joint manipulation or mobilization, soft tissue work, functional exercise prescription- may help improve joint range of motion, flexibility and mobility in the elderly and help seniors better perform their activities of daily living … Read more on Journal Express

Stroke risk in elderly treated with antipsychotics is newly linked to specific
Antipsychotics are prescribed to elderly patients to treat symptoms such as agitation, psychosis, anxiety, insomnia, and depression. The increased risk of stroke associated with these medications was identified approximately a decade ago and has since … Read more on EurekAlert (press release)

Vision Loss Carries Depression Risk
Both vision loss and depression are common among the elderly worldwide, but the psychological effects of vision loss across the entire spectrum of adulthood have been less well studied. To fill this knowledge gap, Zhang and colleagues turned to the … Read more on MedPage Today