“DEEP DEPRESSION” – Narrated By: Norm Rasmussen


“DEEP DEPRESSION” – Narrated By: Norm Rasmussen – Depression can drive a person to near suicide. Depression can be one of the most DIFFICULT satanic trials a Christian can go through … especially when they begin to “feel” as though God doesn’t care about their suffering and pain. One of the wisest things a person can do when they are suffering accute depression is get on the Internet and ask as many ministries as they can contact to pray for them. DEPRESSION is no less of a mental terroist attack from the devil as 911 was on the Twin Towers. DON’T give in to depression! Let other Christians know you are battling it, and don’t STOP asking for prayer! (Just Google up: “Prayer Ministries”. There are hundreds of them!) Here is another testimony of a person who battled years of severe depression. It is nothing short of of miracle of how God not only saw this individual THROUGH all his years of emotional torment, but then eventually delivered him from it: www.precious-testimonies.com If you enjoy READING Precious Christian testimonies of HOPE and ENCOURAGEMENT, Check out the following link: www.precious-testimonies.com If you are a PASTOR or BUSINESS OWNER, you can make Real Life Stories books an evangelistic resource offered through YOUR facility: www.precious-testimonies.com If you would like to read some praise reports of how God is using people to put this book out into circulation: www.precious-testimonies.com If you would like to learn more about the non-denominational ministry of PRECIOUS TESTIMONIES, please be


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