“Dealing With Depression” – by Bhashkar Perinchery


“Dealing with Depression” – by Bhashkar Perinchery – Perinchery talks about the mystical aspect of depression. What is it, how can we deal with it? To connect and more information please visit: www.uma-academy.com or write to info@uma-academy.com


Dealing with depression a slow process says Olympian

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In 2004 Ms Lewis's sister, Toni Packham was diagnosed with Wegener's disease just one month after falling pregnant. Forced to give birth prematurely in order to undergo treatment Ms Packham suffered from post-natal depression and committed suicide just …
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Diabetes: dealing with guilt, anger and depression

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Recently diagnosed with diabetes? Is your diabetes out of control? Maybe you are feeling guilty, angry or depressed. All these emotions are normal. Don't feel guilty. Do not play the blame game! You did not give yourself diabetes. Sure, lifestyle …
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