De Blasio Names Former US Attorney Zachary Carter as City Lawyer

De Blasio names former US attorney Zachary Carter as city lawyer
Additionally, de Blasio said he would follow through on a campaign promise to settle a lawsuit brought by five black and Hispanic boys convicted in the 1990 rape and grisly beating of a white woman jogging in Central Park. They served six to 13 years … Read more on The South Florida Times

Sherlock's darkness is his genius
Lacking close family ties, subject to deep depression, dangerously dependent on drugs, he is so unfailingly devoted to justice that he acts thoughtlessly or even dangerously. The very first time we see Holmes, in A Study in Scarlet, he is indulging in … Read more on

EUROPE: German Tycoons Want The Cake And Eat It Too
This record followed another – of surplus in the German trade balance – of more than 20 billion euros, beating the top score of June 2008 by more than one billion, as the Destatis stated in a press release on November 8, 2013. More important for the … Read more on Global Perspectives