Day for Night: Recognizing Teenage Depression (5 Min.)


Day For Night: Recognizing Teenage Depression (5 min.) – (5 min.) This is a trailer for Day For Night, an in-depth look at the signs, symptoms, and treatment of teenage depression. The film features the true stories of teenagers and their struggles with clinical depression and bipolar disorder as well as interviews with their friends and families and mental health professionals.


by Hibr

What to Do When Your Teen Has Psoriasis?

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When teens have a condition like psoriasis, they are most likely going to be very upset, embarrassed, or even depressed over their condition. Imagine going to school with skin outbreaks that are sure to invite some mean comments and jokes. If you are a …
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Retooling Brain Care With Low-Cost, Data-Driven Technologies

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Think about ADHD, concussions, depression, Alzheimer's Disease, and more. Improving prevention and care for … More than 150,000 teenage and adult AAA members will access web-based brain training to become safer drivers. These tools are especially …
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Local Experts Warn Against 'Molly' As Teens Experiment With Club Drug

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Taken in large doses, Molly causes hallucinogenic reactions; the DEA considers MDMA to be a schedule I controlled substance, and can cause confusion, anxiety, depression, paranoia, sleep problems, and drug craving. The drug also can cause muscle …


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