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APA Answers Criticism of Pharma-Influenced Bias in DSM-5

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They also discussed the manual's dropping of the bereavement exclusion, calling that decision a potential "bonanza for the drug companies" and "opening the way for more…to be diagnosed with major depression — and thus, treated with antidepressants." …
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Major Breakthrough Of The Week: Drug Lifts Major Depression Symptoms In Hours

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The class of drugs ketamine belongs to target NMDA receptors, which makes their use as a depression treatment weird because those receptors are generally associated with learning and memory. It's believed that major depression might be due to a fall in …
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Small UK study suggests that depression does not have an impact on hepatitis C

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Before starting hepatitis C therapy, all the participants were assessed for depression using the Structured Clinical Interview for DSMIV and the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale. Three participants (8%) were diagnosed with major depression using these …
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