CSJ Awards 2006 Betel Britain


CSJ Awards 2006 Betel Britain – A short on Award Winner Betel, a drug rehabilitation centre and furniture recylcing business.


Alpine City Council approves drug rehab facility
The council approved the Alpine Lodge Rehab Center, but they reduced the number of residents from 18 to 12. Neighbors opposed to the facility said they are concerned about drug use and other impacts on the community, but federal law allows the facility … Read more on Fox 13 Now – Salt Lake City

Old club drug sees resurgence with teens
KTVU did not identify him because he is a client at Thunder Road drug rehab center in Oakland. He's also among Molly's new generation of users. Molly is an innocent nickname for MDMA, known for giving users a feeling of euphoria and empathy toward … Read more on KTVU San Francisco

Colleges tie academic subjects to pop culture
The first season focuses on the drug trade in the city and the police who battle it. Following seasons look at education, journalism, the docks and city government. The seasons build on one another and interact, so the season focusing on education also … Read more on USA TODAY