Court Documents Show Dead Child's Father Has History of Violence, Mental

Court documents show dead child's father has history of violence, mental
Erica had rib fractures, a depressed skull, subdural bleeding (blood on the brain's surface beneath the skull), old blood on the brain that indicated prior head injury, a collapsed lung, multiple circular bruising on her chest, significant lateral … Read more on The Sylva Herald

Young Man's View: The Need For Prison Reform
Over the last few decades, the prison has failed to be a correctional facility and has not adhered to the international standards governing the treatment of prisoners. In the country's …. Shame, depression, and a shattering loss of self-esteem … Read more on Bahamas Tribune

Andrea Sutcliffe: My brother's suicide spurs me on to end the care crisis
… developing a tendency towards sudden, occasional rages. His first attempt to commit suicide happened in his late teens and resulted in his being admitted to hospital where, according to Miss Sutcliffe, his treatment was “less than sympathetic … Read more on