Counter Your Depression Using Safe and Effective Natural Remedies

Counter your depression using safe and effective natural remedies Depression Treatment and cure information for all types of depression like postpartum, clinical, bipolar disorde…



HIV/HCV co-infected people can do well on hepatitis C triple therapy despite
This is considered a barrier to treatment because interferon can cause or worsen depression and other mental health problems. The next most common reasons for not starting treatment were current active drug use (reported by 9% of non-starters), heavy … Read more on aidsmap

Prescription drug use on the rise, abuse unaddressed on campus
At the college level, 12 percent of Minnesota students said they were taking medication for depression last year, according to Boynton Health Service's 2012 College Student Health Survey. “[Depression is] like the common cold of the mental health world … Read more on Minnesota Daily

New ways to help seniors deal with pain and depression
Among the results of depression: poorer health and inflated medical expenses. Researchers from the University of Washington School of Medicine, for instance, found that yearly medical costs for Medicare members who had depression, diabetes and … Read more on Washington Post