Could You Please Check My Nutrition and Wellness Homework?

Question by Kyo: Could you please check my Nutrition and Wellness homework?
13. Healthy weight management over the human life span:
Depends on the number of dieting programs tried.
Depends on finding the right diet pill to take.
Means exercising and limiting food intake only while dieting.
Means knowing that some dieting programs make weight maintenance difficult.

“Means knowing that some dieting programs make weight maintenance difficult”

14. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about prescription medication use for weight loss and maintenance?
Some of these medications in the 1960’s were related to amphetamines.
Fen-phen has no dangerous side affects.
Orlistart affects absorption and digestion of fat in the body.
They have only a temporary effect and weight can increase after discontinuing them.

“Fen-phen has no dangerous side affects.”

15. Which of the following is the best thing to have in a diet program?
You have to use only food from the company behind the program.
Physical activity is minimally encouraged.
It emphasizes life long changes in diet and exercise.
The diet strictly limits fat or carbohydrate intake.

“The diet strictly limits fat or carbohydrate intake.”

16. Herbal medications have which of the following properties?
They are heavily regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.
They are safe because they are made from “natural” ingredients.
The amount of featured ingredients can vary from sample to sample.
Harmful side effects are minimal on all products.

“Harmful side effects are minimal on all products.”

17. Media ads try to appeal to such human psychological needs as:
Being a socially acceptable person.
Finding a “quick fix” to our problems.
Being attractive to the opposite sex.
All of the above

“All of the above”

18. Which of the following factors can be present in an eating disorder?
good self-esteem
Participation in golf as a sport is a major risk area.
Weight is never at the level for a normal person.


19. Chronic Dieting Syndrome has an effect on all EXCEPT:
physical wellness.
emotional wellness.
is found more in elderly than in teen-agers.
continually attempting to restrict food intakes.

“is found more in elderly than in teen-agers.”

20. Which eating disorder does NOT have the purging or excessive exercise behaviors?
anorexia nervosa
binge eating
All of the above


21.If you are thinking about approaching a friend or family member regarding your suspicions of an eating disorder where is a good place to start?

Gossip and let the entire school hear about their problem.
Ignore it until the person’s health is seriously affected.
Talk to the person about shaping-up, eating more, and getting better on their own.
Talk to them about your concerns and encourage getting professional help.

“Talk to them about your concerns and encourage getting professional help.”

22.Physical symptoms of an eating disorder may include:
amenorrhea in both males and females.
high blood pressure and Type II Diabetes.
Lanugo disappears from skin.
electrolyte balance is achieved.

“Lanugo disappears from skin.”

23.Factors affecting some rich and famous people to develop an eating disorder are all EXCEPT:
it is used as a method of dealing with stress of being a public figure.
it is part of getting jobs as an actor or actress that a certain body size is maintained.
they have poor self-esteem and body image.
it doesn’t matter if they are thin and glamorous all the time.

“it doesn’t matter if they are thin and glamorous all the time.”

24.Enjoying food and eating involves:
developing a love-hate food relationship.
thinking of foods only in terms of “good” or “bad”.
being willing to try a variety of foods and preparation methods.
developing cravings and over-eating that food.

“developing a love-hate food relationship.”

25. All are methods of learning your hunger and satiety signals EXCEPT:
using non-food rewards for yourself.
eating when hungry, not when the clock says it’s time to eat.
eats lots of food at family gatherings to please relatives.
remembering it takes 20 minutes for “full” signal to go from stomach to brain.

“eats lots of food at family gatherings to please relatives.”

Best answer:

Answer by Nadia
These are the ones that I know.

I believe you got 13 correct.
17 & 18 are right.
20 is wrong. It is binge eating disorder (binging with no compensatory method) Bulimia is binging and purging, Anorexia is restriction of calories.
21 & 22 are correct.
I think 23 & 25 are correct.
I think 24 is wrong and I think it is “being willing to try a variety of foods and preparation methods.”

I am not sure about 14-16 and 19.

What do you think? Answer below!




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