Could the Rehabilitation Center Be in Trouble for Denying Me Medical Care?

Question by Cali~ Braydens Mama: Could the rehabilitation center be in trouble for denying me medical care?
I was sent to a rehab due to drugs, (I don’t need a lecture) however, a day after I got there, I was peeing blood and was in immense pain. I made it clear to the people there that I just wanted to go home, and I didn’t want to be there, but I was clearly in pain. I told a counselor, and the head of the program, and I was told that I was faking it, and I “just wanted to get out of the program”…

2 days later, after the pain had gotten worse, I told them there was a possibility that I was pregnant, and they made me pee in a cup to get tested.. While doing so, they saw the blood in my urine, and rushed me to the ER, MIND YOU, Only after debating with me that I put cranberry juice in my pee to make it that color.

I got to the ER, and was admitted, and diagnosed with an extremely bad kidney infection, They’re keeping me until at least thursday, and I got here on Friday.

Could they be in trouble for denying me medical care while I was in so much pain?
im under the age of 18

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Answer by Stuart
Depends. Were you involuntarily committed to the rehab place? I mean, were you there against your will? If so, then they had a duty to act and provide reasonable medical care.

If you were voluntarily committed to the rehab place – that is, you checked yourself in, then you were technically free to leave, and your medical care was your own responsibility.

In either case, they took you to the emergency room, got you admitted, and you are being cared for. Pretty much the end of the story.

– Stuart

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