Could Psilocybin Be the Answer to My Problems of Self-Isolating Behaviour and Negative Attitudes?

Question by Anon: Could psilocybin be the answer to my problems of self-isolating behaviour and negative attitudes?
I am a reclusive loner who by a combined process of bad decisions and excessive introspection, self-isolation and too much time with my own thoughts is trapped in situ with no real emotional connections with anyone. Is ordering some psyliocybin a bad idea in an effort to see past my current attitudes and limitations and start changing my life for the better? I have tripped once before when I was 17 and have obsessed about it ever since.
I am currently 23.

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Answer by Aleksandr
Shrooming is fun but it won’t cure your problems. Plus, shrooming alone sucks.

Check out “depression self help” and “natural cures” at for ways of dealing with isolation and negative attitudes.

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