Cory Monteith Heroin & Alcohol Use — Why the Combination Is So Lethal

Cory Monteith Heroin & Alcohol Use — Why The Combination Is So Lethal
“We don't know the amount of drugs or alcohol he was using,” Steven said. “When he got out of rehab in April, he may not have started using as heavily as he did prior to going into treatment. Probably on that Friday, he used drugs and alcohol to toxic … Read more on Hollywood Life

Addicts can hide their problems, New West counsellor says
Though Monteith dabbled with drugs and alcohol as a teen in Victoria, he has addressed his addictions in public and even checked himself into a 30-day rehab program last April. Glee star Cory Monteith, 31, died from a toxic mix of heroin and alcohol. Read more on

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