Coping With Depression Naturally


Coping With depression naturally – Yep, there are anti depressants available out there but if for whatever reason you can’t/don’t want to take them..Here are a few suggestions on how to deal with depression naturally. All things mentioned will be beneficial to everyone, depressed or not! 🙂 Much love! Laura xx


Dealing with depression

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In mental health, 80 per cent are common problems and 20 per cent are severe, out of which depression is a major concern. Types of depression ranges from mild, moderate to severe and “you can differentiate these types with the number of symptoms it …
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Pets and a human's depression

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I changed jobs that year, and found myself not coping with it. … I decided that depression was probably what I had experienced at the time of my job change, but that I'd been lucky to get away with a mild dose compared with what some people reported …
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SA's depression part of a global problem

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"Many people think they need more and more time to cope with a loss, that they have every reason to be withdrawn and down – but for some, the grieving process can turn into depression that if treated can help them cope and get back to their lives …


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