Commentary on Romano & Pollini (2013): Stopping Drug-Impaired Driving and Alcohol-Impaired Driving-Synergy, Not Competition.

Commentary on Romano & Pollini (2013): Stopping drug-impaired driving and alcohol-impaired driving-synergy, not competition.

Addiction. 2013 Aug; 108(8): 1439-1440
Dupont RL, Talpins SK, Shea CL

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Commentary on Acion et?al. (2013): Alcohol and drug use among children from deployed military families in the United States-an important and growing health disparity.

Addiction. 2013 Aug; 108(8): 1426-1427
Swahn MH

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Commentary on Stuart et?al. (2013): Domestic violence and interventions to reduce alcohol use.

Addiction. 2013 Aug; 108(8): 1385-1386
Day A

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