Coming Soon: Dinner With a Doctor


Coming Soon: Dinner with a Doctor – Feeling Fine: Women’s Health after 50 With Dr. Ilmana Fulger, Dr. Mark Rosing, Dr. Martha Sullivan, and Shirley Rodriguez, LCSW-R Tuesday, March 13 in Englis…


Counsel women with likely BRCA family history: panel
Her group's draft guidelines are based on an analysis of past studies suggesting genetic counseling may ease anxiety and depression among women and improve how accurately they interpret their own cancer risks. … Ellen Matloff, director of cancer … Read more on Reuters

Defense: Schaffhausen has "Extremely Rare and Complex Condition"
The defense wrapped up opening statements in the insanity trial of a man who admitted last week that he killed his three daughters in their River Falls home. Thirty-five-year-old Aaron Schaffhausen pleaded guilty to three counts of first-degree … Read more on