Coming Down From Vicodin?

Question by C-BIZZLE: Coming down from Vicodin?
Has anyone ever been addicted to Vicodin and quit?

My friend is going thru this and is freaking out.. he seems like he is strung out and can’t stop moving. We tried to sleep last night but he couldn’t calm down. I gave him some Nyquil and he got tired but his nerves were still shot.

How long will this last and is there anything I can do to ease him and his nerves during this time?
he was doing it for about 4 months and 2 to 5 pills a day.

Best answer:

Answer by FlGirl518
Better consult a doctor or drug rehab place.

Answer by Jessica
Have him try Tyenol PM it worked great for me when i was coming down. But sorry he will always want a vicodin for the rest of his life.

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