Columbus, Firefighters Union at Odds Over 'Light Duty'

Columbus, firefighters union at odds over 'light duty'
“We also want to bring more of the light-duty process within the Fire Division as much as possible and not in the safety director's office,” Reall said. Too much bureaucracy is forcing injured firefighters to wait months for treatment, he said, and … Read more on Columbus Dispatch

You don't have to fear breast cancer
Second, the worst possible scenario is that the test comes back showing a genetic variant of unknown significance — one that probably means nothing, but since we don't know for sure, can produce unnecessary anxiety. 25 breast cancer myths … Read more on CNN

CAPS adjusts ADHD assessment protocol
… attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). The new protocol's primary goal is to make the assessment process more efficient and to ensure improved accuracy of diagnosis and treatment, said Julie Tinklenberg B.S. '90 M.S. '90, a staff … Read more on The Stanford Daily

Vitor Faverani still hasn't shown everything he can give to Boston Celtics
The center addressed reporters after Wednesday's game while still wearing a uniform, saying he did so because his back is "no good” and needed treatment. The 25-year old's … But still, I'm anxious to see the left-handed baseball pass. Pressey had me … Read more on