College. Do Anyone Now What the Penalties for Withdrawing From College?

Question by dtj22: College. Do anyone now what the penalties for withdrawing from college?
I have a friend that is going thru pure turmoil in her life. She has developed depression and stress so bad that she is unable to complete her two online classes. She is a great person, and believe it or not, I consider her a strong person. She has her associate’s degree already, and was pursuing her bachelors, she is in her first quarter.

My friend had a minor meltdown last night. She is not interested in talking to her school student services. My friend wants to step away from school, an seek help from another source. “I’m thier for support.”

What r the penalties for withdrawing from school? She has been in school only for 7 weeks with 2 classes online.


Your help is very much appreciated.

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Answer by lil_bower45
Since she hasn’t been in for long, she should be able to with drawl from classes without it appearing as a W on her record, it will probably appear as a D (dropped class), but shouldn’t be a big deal. As long as she’s not at the school on a scholarship or have financial aid that is dependent on her taking a certain amount of classes (like the GI Bill) then she should be fine.

If she’s not willing to talk to any supervisors, maybe you can call on her behalf and ask how she would be affected?

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