College and Eating Disorder?

Question by <3: College and eating disorder?
So i just turned 19 years old, and this August i will be moving away to go to college (freshman). I stayed back a year in school because of my eating disorder. My eating disorder got bad when i was 14, and i finally got treatment for it when i was 16-17. I went inpatient in the hospital 4 times, and i when i wasn’t inpatient i had numerous appointments a week where i missed even more school. I was diagnosed with anorexia b/p subtype when i was 16. ( I mostly restrict my food but i also purge) Once i turned 18 i cut out my treatment team because i was finally able to refuse treatment and i wanted a break from the constant stress. Once i stop going to my appointments my mom basically gave up on me. She just completely turns her back and pretends that im fine, and we never talk about it anymore.

Even though im definitely not “better” i have convinced most people that i am because i am now at a healthy weight. I mostly just purge now, and i don’t restrict as much. I am stressed out because i don’t know how i am going to deal with my eating disorder in college. I am going to have 3 roommates and i don’t want to be the “girl with the eating disorder”. I also get anxious eating around others so that’s a huge concern sense i will have to eat in a dining hall and i am super picky.

How do i deal with this? Any advice would be great. Also, i really don’t need to hear about how this is bad for my health. I am obviously aware, and i already have crappy health problems.

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Answer by Tabby
I don’t know how to answer this without sounding like I condone an eating disorder.
I’d just say, don’t purge, restrict instead.
If you restrict yourself you’re basically on a diet, and they wouldn’t really probably think much of it.
If you’re in the bathroom puking, they might get a little suspicious.

You shouldn’t do either, however I’m not here to judge.

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