Colin Brewer – Is Faith a Remedy for Depression?


Colin Brewer – Is faith a remedy for depression? – Colin Brewer is a retired psychiatrist and atheist who accepts that belief in religion can sometimes help those suffering from depression. But Colin also says the same benefits can be derived from playing football or joining a knitting group and that a belief in a God comes at a high intellectual cost.


Europe clings to scorched-earth ideology as depression deepens

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This is what a depression will do to you, and is in fact what happened to Britain in the 1920's when combined fiscal and monetary tightening pushed public debt to 190pc. The cure was emancipation from the dollar peg (Gold Standard) in 1931, …


George Osborne's solution: make the workers pay

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The idea was that hordes of workers, anxious about their low income and accepting the new realism of depression Britain, would happily see their rights turned into commodities. After all, if desperate people will take prized possessions to the …
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