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Bereavement dropped as an exclusion in diagnosis of depression: protecting

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If APA preserved the bereavement exclusion, psychiatrists might have trouble getting reimbursed for providing medication to bereaved persons. For instance, suppose the wife of a man with a history of depression has died. After a few days, this man is …
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Pfizer disputes suit claiming Zoloft doesn't work

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"As a class, antidepressant medications are highly effective. They alleviate substantial amounts, if not complete symptoms, in 50 to as high as 80 percent of patients treated who suffer from major depression," Lieberman said. He stressed the medicines …
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Baltimore Ravens Player Matt Birk Will Donate His Brain to Boston University

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Birk announced Friday his intentions to donate his brain to Boston University's School of Medicine, according to the StarTribune. Birk, who has sustained three concussions since high school, makes the announcement amidst rising concerns regarding …
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Take teen depression symptoms seriously

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“Those numbers don't surprise me very much,” said Dr. Heather Decker, a Presence Medical Group pediatrician who has a special interest in adolescent medicine. “People tend to write off the symptoms of depression as occasional mood swings or that they …
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