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Christian Rehab – Christian Rehab – Faith over hopelessness and addiction (877) 231-1827 Christian Rehab gave Philip the power to rediscover his faith as a way out of the hopelessness and addiction in his life. The Christian drug rehabilitation treatment program at The Recovery Place offered options to Philip when he was hopeless, feeling morally bankrupt, and without anywhere else to turn. As a faith-based rehab center, TRP has helped Philip stay clean for 50 days. Before coming to our Fort Lauderdale location, Philip was using opiates on a daily basis, and cocaine when he couldn’t obtain painkillers. He’d been using drugs for nine years, and had no faith in anything. Now, 50 days out, Philip is working hard towards long-term recovery with the tools and support he is receiving at our Christian addiction treatment center. Thanks to TRP’s faith-based life, Philip is back in touch with God, and is rediscovering a healthy and productive life. Our Christian drug addiction treatment center uses Bible-based support along with individual and group therapy, to help create a treatment plan built around the client’s own unique physical, mental and spiritual needs. Family members are also included in our Christian help for addictions.


Disparities Seen in Addiction Treatment

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Comparable disparities were also identified for drug treatment program completion rates. The study, published in the latest issue of Health Affairs, shows that completion disparities among racial/ethnic groups are likely related to differences in …
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