Christian Drug Rehab Offers Hope to Those in Distress From Addiction


Christian Drug Rehab Offers Hope To Those In Distress From Addiction – Christian Drug Rehab have enjoyed high success rate treating drug addiction and drug abuse because of the process of their treatment. A holistic approach has been proven to be more effect at treating substance addiction than traditional methods. Transformations Treatment Center is faith based treatment center offering rehab treatment for drug addictions and alcohol addictions. Transformations Treatment Centers is a Christian Rehab and has a holistic mindset when treating substance addiction and substance abuse.


Preserving Palestine's architectural heritage

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It took Riwaq 13 years to prepare a record of historical buildings in Palestine, before moving on to rehabilitation and development of the architectural heritage. This involved restoring the remains of the many civilisations that existed … The …


New year, new you: Start 2013 with a rejuvenating spa day in Vegas

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For those truly ready to start the new year fresh, Reliquary Spa's Rehab is a detoxifying treatment that eliminates impurities, increases circulation and balances the skin, body and mind. If you're all about natural treatments, look no further than Spa …
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Om for serenity

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In 'Hernando County,' there are already 5 centers that teach yoga. Same goes for most other places too. And every class is packed. Yoga has certainly … This ancient Indian holistic practice has found a great following in America where it has grown …
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