Celebrities With Eating Disorders


Celebrities with eating disorders – This is my first video about a delicate subject like this one… I hope I didn’t offend anyone so please be kind. Thanks


Nicole Scherzinger Says Lewis Hamilton Saved Her From Eating Disorder

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Despite reports that the couple were in trouble after pictures emerged of the singer getting close to bad boy Chris Brown, Nicole revealed that she and Lewis have created a great bond and are very passionate people. After recently revealing her battle …
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Kirkland woman battles anorexia, bulimia with baked goods

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“I'd like to be under 100 (pounds),” said Kuhns, 29. “Well, I'd like to be healthy, but my eating disorder would like to be under 100.” After three months of baking desserts while blogging about her disorder and posting photos of her sweets, she's …
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Israel pushing ahead in medical marijuana industry

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In this photograph made on Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2012, Rivke Holop, 85, eats medical cannabis at the old age nursery home in kibbutz Naan next to the city of Rehovot, Israel. Marijuana is illegal in Israel but medical use has been permitted since the early …
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Remodeling Minnie Mouse

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But body-image activists, some of whom are parents of young girls, cried foul when a rendering of an emaciated, elongated Minnie began circulating with Barneys' announcement of its holiday window collaboration with Disney. The "Electric Holiday …
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