Carré Otis: My 'Healthy' Model Diet Was a Total Lie

Carré Otis: My 'Healthy' Model Diet Was A Total Lie
Carré's confession, coming years after the fact, echoes the occasional horror stories we hear leak out from industry insiders — a model retelling the tale of girls eating cotton balls to stay full or Victoria's Secret Angels admitting they survive on … Read more on Huffington Post

Abused girls grow into obese women: Goar
On the other side are those who believe obesity is a complex eating disorder like anorexia nervosa or bulimia. In their view, it is essential to find out why people use food as a crutch, a weapon or a pain-reliever in order to change their behaviour … Read more on Toronto Star

Dr. Jenn Berman Talks Couples Therapy! VH1 Host Responds To Controversial
Many of the couples explored serious issues this season, including Abbey's anorexia and Catelynn's mom's alcohol abuse. "Every single … [Viewers] even see how Abbey's eating disorder affected her relationship with Joe, and how much she grew." It's … Read more on Hollywood Take

Bulimia – Anorexia patient speaks – Get treatment at early stage
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