Carmel Valley Photographer Helping Young Women Through Eating Disorder

Carmel Valley photographer helping young women through Eating Disorder
With her ED (Eating Disorder) Project, Kluner has photographed a group of young women she has worked with as a holistic health professional at the Eating Disorders Center of San Diego and helped them see themselves in a way they have never been able … Read more on Del Mar Times

Struggling with Body Image Issues? 'Almost Anorexic' Authors Say “Full
Betty Confidential: We know you've done a lot of inspirational work around healing/recovering from eating disorders. What inspired you to co-author Almost Anorexic: Is My (or My Loved One's) Relationship with Food a Problem? How is this book different … Read more on

How teenage girls navigate years of eating disorders, bullying and low self-esteem
She is careful not to focus on her pupils but says that eating disorders are the most common problem she comes across. She describes how skilful girls are at hiding anorexia or bulimia; Georgia Willson-Pemberton, a 26-year-old former skiing champion … Read more on The Australian

Intuitive Eating Part 3
Interview with eating disorder specialist Heather Allsbrook on the book “Intuitive Eating” For more information: http://hea…