Canterbury and Coastal: Supporting People With Eating Disorders

Canterbury and Coastal: Supporting people with eating disorders
With Eating Disorders Awareness Week starting on 24 February, NHS Canterbury and Coastal Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is raising awareness of local services to help those with an eating disorder. GPs are also advising people of the signs of … Read more on Canterbury Times

Bedford Youth and Family Services offers anonymous online eating disorder
To increase awareness and encourage eating disorder treatment, Bedford Youth and Family Services (BYFS) is offering anonymous online eating disorder screenings through the CommunityResponse National Eating Disorders Screening Program. The educational … Read more on Bedford Minuteman

The Best Way to Understand an Eating Disorder
Lady Gaga aside, not everyone who has struggled with an eating disorder can say (as Gaga does in the March 14 issue of Harper's Bazaar) that they're done with it. They may not exist for her anymore, but with Eating Disorder Awareness weeks taking up … Read more on Huffington Post Canada